First lets talk about freedom. Is not an utopia, freedom can be conquered in a lot of little bits of our life, just because we are not always free somewhere or somehow. We cant forget that there are billions of other things you can do to feel the freedom. You lose your freedom when if  you stop looking for it.

We can also talk about technology. It is everywhere, satellites, tvs, cell phones, internet, computers, games, microwaves, dvd… Is part of our life.

What happen if we mix this all together?

Well let’s talk about … me?

Fourteen years old. My parents bought a computer , with his Windows 98. Everything works till it brokes. I brought it to a technician, and I had to spent all of my pocket money. So I promised my self not to bring my pc again to a technician.

That made me a bit more free, I learned how to fix it and then I was able to do what I want with the machine, so I had the way to fix it without spending money. Great!. The magic tool exists is knowledge.

In a couple of years, nothing in that windows was enough so, I started very light to read some about that thing called “linux” affiliate to some news account. But i was 17 when I started to use half linux and half windows.  Things weren’t very trivial and I hadn’t broadband, so I had a quite big amount of CDs with different distros, and when i want to use my winmodem, I used suse, for little funny games redhat, and other times,  mandrake, Caldera… I didn’t know how anything was working, but was funny and each time easier to deal with it.

So the first step in open source was experimenting, sometimes a bit  frustrating but… is part of the game.

When the broadband was up to my pocket. I got my connection, and started to learn from forums, online tutorials, irc…

Debian, seven Debian CDs.

… that day I wasn’t conscious, what that will supose for me, and my future.

I’ve annoyed a lot of people with questions, read a lot of tutorials, spent hours learning of other people experiences…

But all of that is something that one day you will give it back to someone else, is the cycle. One day is you who helps other to begin with his distro, or compiling an app, or making his sound card to work.

I’ve studied computer engineering and I’ve been in touch with free software the last 5 years,  I don’t have to pay for my software, i can do with it what I want.

One more step is promote it. Convincing people, telling how wonderful it is, and how many people you’ve met, and how you can enjoy it, and what advantages are ready for you and for free.

6 years using linux, make me to work as system administrator and i love it. So the free software one day let me to earn money and build my life.

Now the last part. CONTRIBUTE!

Is the best part, documentation, developing, translating, whatever you want, you can do things for people as people has done for you.

A popular sensation when you begin, is that there a lot of gurus, and you are not able to be in this world, everywhere are levels, you can be an user, a contributor, or just become a fan 🙂

Experiment, Use, Share, Work, Contribute.

But never finish,  is an inphinite cycle where you can always learn from everybody and you have a lot to teach the other. ¿Isn’t that the  freedom?. Enjoy it.