It is so difficult to get in order without an index, at least for me.

I do not really know what I’m going to do after september… work in the city were I live? go out of the city?  go out of the country?… I don’t really know. But life is not only work, so the index of my personal expectatives for the next 3 or 4 months are.

– Pass and finish my Summer of Code task on Debian in the PamNssInstaller.

– Learn python

– Start a project in python and try the AppEngine

– In september collaborate with in the Oar project, it was one of my Summer of Code Proposals, it was really interesting. Is free software. So I want to collaborate with it.

– Start with the packaging of the Babuine Component model, a component model for mono, developed by Nestor Salceda.

– I would like to begin collaborating in Debian, continuing after the SoC.

– Based on PamNssInstaller helpers and some others that I should write, I would like to develop and release an Active Directory configure assistant. Trying to contribute to introduce linux at the Windows environment in an easier way for the mid and basic user.

Quite long expectative index, but… I hope that almost will be done.

That’s all folks.