More than a month far away since I was acepted on the program participating with Debian. Sorry about not telling this before. And sorry is well for how missing I’ve been around here, not posting and even not attending to comments.

This is a great opportunity to meet people, see how other people works and also a great opportunity to participate in Open Source Software projects…

…And What the hell!!!! In some kind of way WORKING FOR GOOGLE. Sounds great, and makes me to feel proud of myself. But will be a stronger proudness feeling when the goals of the project will be done.

Due to this responsability i think i have. I left my job last week in net2u_, because I want to be full-time at my summer task trying to have enough time to work hard, and why not, to have time to travel and have fun. Sorry about that to my coleagues and partners, but sometime you have to do an “All in” for what you think you should, so… i can’t say anything else about that.

What I’m looking for in the Summer of Code? Well, influence, experience, meeting people (great and interesting people), contribute in debian and a t-shirt.

I think Google SoC shows to the world something very interesting. How people of everywhere can work together, where, genders, ideas, races and all this stuff doesn’t matters. We are all partners and we do not mind anything of what it supose to matters. We matters about, broadband, code, freedom and knowledge.

In the next post i’ll talk about my project and my mentor Fabio Tranchitella.

See you all folks